The New BMCM Journal: What's the Point of Slowing Down?


Just a couple of weeks, ago we here at YA Blog Headquarters got our hands on the most recent edition of the Blue Mountain Journal, and we were immediately drawn in by the new cover and, of course, all the articles inside. After reading it cover to cover (and a few articles more than once!), we wanted to share this invaluable free resource with the YA Blog community.

For over five decades, the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation has been publishing a journal with articles by Easwaran on passage meditation and the other points, as well as stories from passage meditators around the world. Obviously, the journal has undergone a variety of looks and formats since its beginning in the 1960s, and this past month the editorial team at the BMCM issued the latest journal in a brand new format.

We asked the editors about the reasoning for the new format, and learned that the changes were all made to help support us, Easwaran's audience! The new format of the journal has articles of varying lengths, so no matter how much time we have, we can get a little spiritual nourishment. Visually, the new design is not only keeping with the timeless simplicity of Easwaran's work, but it's also beautiful and easy-to-read in print and in the digital version on tablets and smart phones. Also, a YA Team favorite, the Q&A section, is right up front. This edition starts off with the question "Quite honestly, I don't see the point of slowing down. Could you explain why you attach so much importance to it?" Phew. Jumping right in!

Journal Inside Photo.jpg

The journal is available in a print and digital version, and has 9,400 subscribers to the print version, and 4,000 subscribers to the email version. Both versions of the journal are free in the US, and the digital version is free worldwide. Hopefully we've enticed you with that question on slowing down – each time we read that question we're drawn right back in! You can read Easwaran's answer yourself by downloading a digital copy and can even subscribe to the journal.

Before we leave you to read through the new journal, the journal editors are interested in hearing from the YA Blog audience! Following this edition on slowing down, each edition will focus on a single point and next is one-pointed attention. The editors would love to hear questions you might have on the topic! Share your thoughts in the comments below:

  • What question do you have about one-pointed attention that the journal could address?
  • Share a line, or aspect, of the current edition on slowing down that was particularly meaningful to you.
  • Anything else?