Coming in March: Wednesdays With the BMCM

Dear Blue Mountain Blog Community,

We, the blog team, are writing to you with an exciting announcement. At the beginning of March, we’ll be launching our new weekly inspiration email: Wednesdays With the BMCM!

This weekly offering will replace our Blue Mountain Blog – but don’t worry, it’s designed to offer you the same spiritual support and inspiration with even more resources!

What is Wednesdays With the BMCM?

Wednesdays With the BMCM will be a weekly email sent out on. . .  you guessed it, Wednesdays!

Just like with the blog, each week we’ll feature an article with a story from a member of the community, or an article, audio or video from Easwaran, or a news update about what’s going on at the BMCM.

In addition, Wednesdays With the BMCM will offer you some curated resources on the topic of the article. For example, if the main Easwaran article is on Slowing Down, your weekly email might also contain a link to a story from the community providing an example of slowing down in action. Or, there might be links to specific passages to help you cultivate qualities or practice the eight points. Or maybe we’ll include links to instructional resources to help you refresh or deepen your practice.

Dive Deep on Topics That Interest You!

There are two main reasons we are making this change. The first is that we have many digital resources that we want to show you – from Easwaran articles, to community stories, to passages, to books, to eight-point program instruction. We want to facilitate your exploration of these offerings and help you dive deep on the topics that are interesting and useful to you. 

The second reason for the change is that we want to consolidate our digital offerings. So we’ll publish our new content on the website and share it from there. This means that although the site will remain active, we won’t be publishing new content on this site.

For those of you already subscribed to the Blue Mountain Blog, you’ll be automatically subscribed to Wednesdays With the BMCM, and at the beginning of March the email will come directly to your inbox! New subscriptions are always welcome – you can sign up in the box on the right hand side of this page at

We look forward to continuing conversations with this community, and seeing all of you over at

We can’t wait to spend our Wednesdays with you!

The Blue Mountain Blog Team
(soon to be Wednesdays With the BMCM Team)